Meet Antonio Vivas

Meet Antonio Vivas

Meet Antonio Vivas, a thriving Insurance Broker whose success is fueled not only by his professional acumen but also by his diverse interests. Beyond insurance, Antonio finds inspiration in a range of hobbies and passions: An aficionado of Nicaraguan cigars, a small wine, whiskey and rum connoisseur and a supporter of Real Madrid. However, amidst his pursuits, Antonio remains grounded in his most cherished role: that of a dedicated family man, cherishing moments spent with his children above all else. Recognizing the importance of balance, Antonio makes it a priority to recharge and rejuvenate outside of work, embarking on vacations twice a year, reminding himself of life’s simple joys.

Antonio attributes much of his journey’s guidance to a trio of influential figures: Patrick Bet David, whose rags-to-riches story serves as his entrepreneurial inspiration; Daddy Yankee, whose emphasis on discipline resonates deeply; and Jesus Christ, whose spiritual guidance provides unwavering support and gratitude in Antonio’s life. Through a blend of passion, discipline, and spiritual grounding, Antonio Vivas exemplifies the essence of holistic success in both his professional and personal endeavors.

MY HUNTER: Can you provide an overview of your journey in the insurance industry, highlighting key milestones and experiences that have contributed to your success?

ANTONIO: I went into the insurance industry just after I completed my College Diploma of TRAVEL AND TOURISM. After graduating it became evident that there was a lack of jobs and poor pay in that industry, it was mostly a job done for passion. My mother was, at that time, a commercial underwriter with Economical insurance. She motivated me to try and get into the industry as she labelled it “RECESSION PROOF.” I applied for RBC insurance and got a job at the CREDITOR INSURANCE call centre located in Mississauga. From there I spent 8.5 years with RBC working in various roles such as Call Quality Evaluator, Facilitator, Home and Auto Sales Representative. I later transitioned to the retail branch level at RBC where I sold home and auto along with their life and living benefit products.

Looking for a change, I applied to Allstate Canada Group and was offered two different roles. I decided to try Pembridge and worked as an underwriter for 2 years learning about the broker channel and creating relationships with our business partners. However I missed the sales environment, dealing with clients face to face and making money. Therefore, when an opening occurred I easily transferred to the Allstate Sales role and spent 7 years in that capacity building a 3.2 million dollar book of business, receiving honouring and different sales awards.

I then decided that I wanted to become independent and build something for myself and my family. I got my RIBO license and then found this opportunity at MY HUNTER. I’m very glad I did!

MY HUNTER: What inspired you to pursue a career at My Hunter?

ANTONIO: Speaking to Irfan (CEO) and Tina (Operations Manager), who had a similar background as me and even worked for some of the same companies in the past, I felt we identified with each other. I was encouraged to see a young, hungry entrepreneur with different ideas and ambitions take these risks and I could tell this was a good project to take a gamble on. So far, Irfan has delivered, and I am motivated to learn from him and build on the success that MY HUNTER has shown in the last 12-18 months.

MY HUNTER: What motivates you and how has that passion driven your success?

ANTONIO: Salespeople are motivated by 1 thing: INCOME. The freedom to determine your own success is everything. You have to be self motivated and set priorities and goals. My family (wife and two small kids) are what motivates me to do this job every day and build something for us to be proud of in the future.

MY HUNTER: Could you share examples of specific challenges or obstacles you’ve faced in your career, and how you overcame them to achieve success?

ANTONIO: Hard markets, competition, clients saying no, pricing. These are all challenges part of being in a sales role. That being said, I have been able to overcome this by doing the job the only way I know how: THE RIGHT WAY. Building that trust with my clients, showing empathy, being a dedicated advisor and giving them a straight forward honest approach has led me to be successful. Many client from Allstate have moved their business over because they know my style of work and my personality. This business is built on trust, not price.

MY HUNTER: What sets you apart from other insurance brokers in terms of your approach, expertise, and client satisfaction?

ANTONIO: Experience. As I mention to all my clients: “IF I CAN HELP YOU I WILL LET YOU KNOW, IF NOT THEN I APPRECIATE THE OPPORTUNITY TO QUOTE YOU REGARDLESS.” This sense of honesty, direct approach is what clients appreciate. I have been in the industry for a very long time , both in the sales role and underwriter role. I know the importance of looking for clean and profitable business and that it what I look for and attract with my clientele.

Looking ahead, Antonio sets his sights on ambitious goals for the future of his career at My Hunter. His primary objective is to cultivate a profitable book of business, leveraging his expertise and dedication to exceed client expectations. He envisions exploring diverse avenues within MYHUNTER, seeking opportunities to expand his impact and contribute to broader organizational goals. With a strategic focus on growth and innovation, he is poised to continue his success story, driven by his commitment to excellence.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this opportunity to virtually meet Antonio Vivas, one of the hard-working brokers here at My Hunter. See you next time!

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