DUI Conviction in Ontario
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DUI Conviction in Ontario

How does a DUI Conviction in Ontario impact auto insurance rates?

It’s not only ‘bad drivers’ who get hit with criminal convictions such as a DUI conviction in Ontario or an Impaired Driving charge. A DUI can happen to anyone; the charge relates to both alcohol and/or drug influence and the effect on your insurance will depend on your insurance history.

What is a DUI?

Quite simply a DUI conviction (or an Impaired Driving conviction) is defined as the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The vehicle can include cars, trucks, off-road vehicles and boats. It is a criminal class conviction and the consequences depend on the severity of the charge. You may have your vehicle impounded or fitted with an interlock system. There is also the possibility of facing a jail sentence.

What is the impact on your auto insurance rates?

Don’t be surprised if your insurance company can no longer insure you due to your conviction history. They will notify you by registered letter that you will need to find an alternative high risk auto insurance provider. Your insurance rates will also increase but by how much also depends on your conviction history.

High Risk auto insurance providers such as Perth Insurance offer competitive rates for people facing a DUI conviction in Ontario. The conviction will stay on record for three years from the conviction date and once the conviction expires and your record cleans up you can then talk to your insurance broker about moving back to a standard market,

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