Pervasive Wildfires in Ontario
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Pervasive Wildfires in Ontario

Southern Ontario has seen the arrival of dangerously low air quality this week due to the pervasive wildfires in Ontario and western Quebec. The air in our province (as well as countless other provinces and US states) is clouded with smoke at the moment as Canadian and international firefighters do their best to combat wildfires across the nation.

Pervasive Wildfires in Ontario and the Effect on Air Quality

Air quality ranges from poor to dangerous and for a brief period of time yesterday (Wednesday, June 28), Toronto was the most polluted major city in the world using the AQI index. The number briefly touched 300 which is very unhealthy to breathe in, especially for individuals with preexisting health conditions such as asthma and COPD.

The poor air quality prompted Toronto to make adjustments to some regularly scheduled events. Environment Canada has put a large portion of Ontario under a special air quality statement due to the smoke, as the wildfires in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and elsewhere continue to rage on.

Pervasive Wildfires in Ontario and How We Can Help

Fire damage is covered by most home insurance policies in Ontario. The coverage typically pays to replace, repair, or reconstruct your home in the event that it is damaged by fire and to replace damaged or destroyed personal belongings (up to your policy’s limit, of course).

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By Dan McDonald, Marketing Coordinator