Winter Driving Tips for the Holiday Season
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Winter Driving Tips for the Holiday Season

We thought our readers might appreciate some Winter Driving Tips for the Holiday Season! Keep these 5 tips in mind when driving, because it’s a snowy and chaotic time of year.

1. Clear your car of ice and snow

This is something that’s not always taken seriously, but it’s actually very important and it tops our list of winter driving tips for the holiday season. Failure to remove all of the ice and snow from your windows and windshield can severely impact your ability to see your surroundings. Also, be sure to clear off the top of your car, not just your windows and windshield – Having a mound of snow on top of your vehicle can create a hazard for anyone driving directly behind you.

2. Keep a safe distance

Keeping a safe distance makes the #2 spot in our list of winter driving tips for the holiday season. Tailgating is very common, especially in urban areas, but when bad weather hits this is an extremely dangerous behavior to engage in. If you occasionally drive too close to the person ahead of you, break this habit immediately! It’s a super dangerous thing to do when roads become slick with ice and snow, and it’s even more dangerous in a highway setting.

3. Stay composed when roads are slippery

Whether embarking on a trip to the store, your daily commute to work, or a long drive up north, it’s important to always stay calm and composed when driving in slippery and/or snowy conditions. Leaving early is key with regards to this – If you give yourself lots of time to get to your destination, you’ll feel less rushed and more relaxed overall.

Being in this calm/zen state on the road is MUCH safer than feeling anxious and rushed, with a racing heart and sweaty palms to boot. When in doubt about the current state of the weather, always leave early. You’ll be glad you did!

Winter Driving Tips for the Holiday Season 2

4. Avoid driving in very bad conditions

Next up on our list of winter driving tips for the holiday season is making the choice to avoid driving altogether when a winter storm hits. Something to keep in mind for days when the weather is especially treacherous is that there are other alternatives to driving. If your city is hit by a sudden winter storm, consider public transit or a Taxi as an alternative method of reaching your destination. If nasty weather hits suddenly on or before a work day, find out if your boss will let you telecommute for the day. It’s worth asking!

5. Always plan ahead!

The final item in our list of winter driving tips for the holiday season is the simple act of planning ahead. Always keep your vehicle stocked with road flares, jumper cables, a working flashlight, and even a first aid kit and warm blanket. In the event of an emergency, you might find yourself very glad that you had the foresight to keep this things handy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these winter driving tips for the holiday season and have found them interesting and helpful. Even if you’re an overly cautious driver, it’s wise to keep these five things in mind when fall gives way to winter.

Have a safe and happy holiday season! From all of us here at My Hunter, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best in the New Year.

By Dan McDonald, Marketing Coordinator